Overton Brooks VA Medical Center

The Patient Advocate Office


The Patient Advocate Office was established to ensure that all patients are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.  The Patient Advocates act as liaisons between the patient and the medical center.  They help to resolve complaints and concerns of the patient in a timely manner.  The advocates help to promote a high quality of health care through communication, consideration and courtesy.  The advocates assist patients in understanding their entitlements, rights and responsibilities.  They help in solving problems and in service recovery.

It is the goal of all employees of our medical center to deliver the highest quality of service to all veterans and their families/visitors.  We appreciate your bringing any concerns to our attention.  We welcome any suggestions that you may have to help us deliver better service.

Please contact either of the Patient Advocates for any assistance that you may need.  The Patient Advocate Offices are located next to each other in the main lobby of the medical center.

Rose Mary Mason Rose Mary Mason
Room 1 East 104
(318) 221-8411 ext. 5013
Bill Callahan Bill Callahan
Room 1 East 105
(318) 221—8411 ext. 6712